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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  January 18, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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a wildfire is burning in the north bay. the challenge that almost kept fire fights from stopping the spread. a wildfire is burning in the north bay. the challenge that it almost kept firefighters from stopping the spread. and what the governor is is asking everyone with access to water to stop doing. i want a gun in everyone californians' gun safe. >> the bizarrepolitical drama maying out in the bay area involving a tea party candidate for governor and a famous latina actress. it is 7:00 on saturday morning, the 18th. thanks for joining us. we begin with developing news overnight in marin county. firefighters are battling a wildfire in remote hills about three miles southwest of fairfax. it's burning alongside a ridge line just above alpine lake in the apias watershed. so far no homes have been
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evacuated because of the remote location. the closest road is about a mile from the fire so crews have had to hike in. a plan chief says he's confident they can get the fire under control soon. >> what we're doing about it we have some engine crews that are cutting their way into the fire right now with hand tools and saws. we have hand crews coming in this evening which will assist them and our plan is to put a fire line around the fire tonight using those resources and eventually put a hose lay around it and extinguish the fire. >> the fire was first reported about 9:20 last night. 75 firefighters are now working on it, coming from ross valley, belleinas, nevadao and cal fire. >> the fires so difficult to deal with because of the dry conditions. unfortunately that continues. but it is beautiful outside. a live look at the bay bridge, a lot of colors for our sunrise this morning. cold temperatures, though, in some spots, below freezing in santa rosa right now, 44 in oakland, 50 degrees in the city
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of san francisco. here's what we are looking at in our weather headlines this morning, we're going to see those warm temperatures, the sunshine continuing this afternoon. it is a spare the air day today again. so it is illegal to burn. the pattern remains very dry. some slight changes. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast coming up in a few minutes. 16 people displaced by a fire in redwood city are being offered housing at a community center. the massive fire started before dawn at a machinery shop on douglas avenue. while people could see the flames and plumes of smoke all across the peninsula, eventually the fire spread to four structures, including an apartment building. and it took a million gallons of water just to put it out. >> my family is fine, my kids are fine. we'll get out, >> they were pounding on my windows for me to get out, so i had had to leave. >> the fire eventually caused
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the building's roof to collapse. those affected are getting help from the red cross. the man accused of terrorizing a san jose neighborhood with 13 fires in a single week could be put away for good under the state's three strikes law. prosecutors say patrick william brennan confessed to setting all the fires by igniting garbage with a cigarette lighter. it is official, our record dry winter and evaporating reservoirs have forced governor brown to declare a drought emergency. >> everyone should try at least 20% of conservation of their water use. >> so that is voluntary. the governor did not rule out mandatory rationing down the line. 2013 was the dryest year on record in the state. that drought declaration will pave the way for federal assistance and make it easier to transfer water from one part of the state to another. it also allows cal fire to boost staffing in northern california. well, santa clarita county health officials are reporting two more flu deaths. that brings the bay area total
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to 23 people who died because of the virus. statewide 45 people have died from the flu and that number doesn't include 50 more suspected deaths. h1n1, also known as the swine flu is the predominant strain of the virus this season. new details on a suicide attack in afghanistan. two americans were among those killed last night at a popular restaurant in the capital of kabul. in all 21 people were killed including 13 foreigners. the two u.s. victims were employees at the american university of afghanistan. that attack began when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at the gate to the restaurant. then two gunmen rushed in and opened fire. they were later killed by afghan security forces. the federal government has money now, well, at least through september. yesterday president obama signed the trillion dollar spending bill just one day before funding was set to run out. in addition to funding the government, the scale -- it scales back automatic spending
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cuts that hits the pentagon and major domestic programs last year. the next time the n.s.a. wants to spy on people, it won't be so easy. president obama just changed the rules. kpix5's alan martin explains what is and is not allowed. >> we cannot prevent terrorist attacks or cyber threats without some capability to penetrate digital communications. >>reporter: effective immediately, the national security agency must seek approval from a secret federal court before it can search its massive trove of telephone and internet data. there is an exemption for emergency terror threats. for now the n.s.a. will source surveillance data, but the president wants that to end. congress and the administration will study alternatives. >> our intelligence people will continue to gather information about the intentions of governments. >>reporter: after bitter complainlts from german chancellor angela merkel and brazilian president, mr. obama said this about spying on
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foreign leaders. >> unless there is a compelling national security purpose, we will not monitor the communications of heads of state in government of our close friends and allies. >>reporter: alan martin, kpix5. >> the president is already hearing criticism. some say the reforms don't go far enough, while others say the new requirements for court orders will slow down terrorism investigations. san francisco mayor ed lee laid out his solution to the affordable housing crisis in the city during his state of the city address. he proposed a plan that includes cruz or renovation of -- construction or renovation of 30,000 homes over the next six years. >> we are all responsible. this is a crisis of our own making. for too long in san francisco we tried to have it both ways. we want more money for affordable housing, but too often we oppose or scale back the very projects that generate those funds. >> lee says at least 1/3 of new housing will be for low and middle income families. he hopes it will address san
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francisco's housing shortage that's creating more demand and rising costs. well, a political drama is playing out in san francisco. >> it involves a famous actress and a tea party candidate. that is award-winning actress maria concihto allons a with a chihuahua standing next to tim conoly. he's a candidate who has strong views on undocumented immigration. joe vazquez explains were the ad is getting backlash from the latino community. >>reporter: tim doneoly, a tea party favorite from san bernardino county was once involved with the minutemen. >> great day to be a vigil ante. >>reporter: a group that patrols the border to catch immigrants coming across. >> big government are killing our prosperity, pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground. >>reporter: allonso is an actress of cuban and venezuelan
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dissent, she stars in "rosso on the hudson." she was set to perform next month in the spanish version of "the vagina monologues." she says allonso abruptly resigned from the cast today given the backlash on the immigration issue. >> of course she has the right to say whatever she wants, but the mission, doing what she's doing [ indiscernable ] >> we don't act like that. first of all, that is not typical. >>reporter: jim salinas, long- time mission resident and democrat says there probably would have been boycots if alonzo had stayed in the production. >> we all have a right to say, but it's also our right to say we object to that. >>reporter: republican leo lakio has been pushing his party to be more moderate on immigration. still, he thinks alonzo is being treated unfairly. gh it was a political ad, it was a funny ad. that she thought anybody would
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lose employment over their political leanings is absurd. >>reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. >> that issue blew up yesterday after alfonso told spanish language radio that she supports many of doneoly's views against undocumented immigration. a flood of angry listeners let her have it and she then resigned from that show. 49er fans are pumped up for tomorrow's game. unique and weird game day preps we found all across the bay area. and a dream cruise turns into a might mayor -- nightmare when passengers get sick. what the cruise line says caused it.
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cruise ship got si taking a live look outside, you can see the skies are relatively clear, but there is some smog in the air. that is why it is another spare the air day here in the bay area. and taking a look at our game day forecast, tomorrow up in seattle, 49ers versus seahawks, it's going to be 46 degrees at kickoff, 3:30 p.m., partly cloudy skies. >> looking forward to. well, more than 60 people on board a cruise ship got sick with possible norovirus. the royal caribbean cruise line says a nasty stomach bug swept through a ship called majesty of the seas. a total of 66 passengers and two crewmembers became ill.
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among the more than 2,500 people on board. the illness essentially ruined a trip for those who came down with symptoms. >> for me -- i was in the state room the whole day. >> the passengers were on a four-night cruise to the bahamas and key west. yesterday crews in miami could be seen disinfecting the oceanliner. royal caribbean gave passengers booked for another trip the option of rescheduling. the chemical spill that contaminated water for thousands of people in west virginia eight days ago is not an isolated incident. the associated press analyzed federal environmental data. it found that for decades chemicals in waste from the coal industry have tainted hundreds of waterways and ground water supplies. as for putnam county, west virginia, residents are still being told to avoid drinking the tap water. newly is pulling some cable cars and trolley buses offline for tomorrow's 49ers
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line. muny says it wants to protect the fleet from vandals who might get too rowdy in a win or loss against the seahawks. instead they will use buses, a cable car and some rail lines. remember, that whole thing about seattle trying to keep 49er fans from getting tickets? forget about it. the faithful have made the trip to the emerald city. >> oh, yeah, i love the 49ers, we're here, we're ready to beat the seahawks. oh, man, we're ready. let's go! whoa! who's got it better than us? nobody. whoa! >> they are up -- we're glad they are up there to represent the team as they arrived in seattle yesterday. clearly fans are pumped in seattle, but are they ready in the bay area? >> i think so. andrea are making sure fans have the right colors and gear. >>reporter: with the hours ticking down toward the nfc battle in seattle, for many niners fans, it was time to check out some new gear. at the 49ers story in palo alto, the order of the day was
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red and gold. call it prekaepernick. >> i need a number 7 for my collection. >>reporter: and time to start some pregame superstitions. this is is my good luck beer right here. >>reporter: for others others were checking into a flight. jim was preparing for seattle's infamous 12th man, a sign that maybe a davis jersey will keep them safe. >> i'm ready, i'm wearing a rain coat. i'm probably going to get showered with food. i'm prepared for the worst. >>reporter: though jack may not have to wait until sunday to fend off seattle fans. this guy was on his flight. >> i'm in my office today, wearing my jersey around and i was getting a lot of crap. >>reporter: today's biggest fashion faux paus, it's not jim harbaugh's khakis, now available in t-shirt form, it's wearing the wrong color like this reporter. [ laughter ] >> it's beautiful. >> what are you doing?
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you're the opposing team right now. >> you should be wearing red. >>reporter: andrea borba, kpikx5. >> stay with us for the 49er's playoff run. let's take a look at our current temperatures out there right now. clear morning, but definitely chilly in parts. santa rosa reaching a low there of 28, 39 in mount view, 33 in fairfield, basically high 30s, low 40s. but later on today we could definitely expect it to warm up, 70 in redwood city, 68 in vallejo, and a reminder, it is a spare the air day, the 28th this season. so it is illegal to burn. please keep that in mind today. and over the next seven days, mild, warm, 60s, low 70s and in the middle of next week we could start to see some clouds rolling in. two dogs on the run and on the attack, terrorizing a neighborhood, but a grandmother happened to be in the right
7:16 am
place at the right time twice. angela handpalt is in sacramento county with the woman who put her own life in danger to save three people and a dog. >>reporter: first this pit bull and a german shepherd cornered two little girls on this street walking to school and just minutes later a couple of blocks away, they tried to maul an elderly woman's dog. >> they would have killed her and killed me too. >>reporter: 81-year-old kioko shows the teeth mark on her dog, dolly after two vicious dogs attacked them on their walk. >> screaming and, you know, you hear the little baby crying. oh, gosh. >>reporter: kioko says if it wasn't for this woman, she and dolly may not have survived. tiffany ortiz just happened to be driving by. she saw the elderly woman on the ground, her defenseless dog in the jaws of the pit bull. >> i was not going to watch them tear this dog to pieces in front of this little lady. >>reporter: tiffany, putting her own life in danger, pulled
7:17 am
dolly out of the attacking dog's mouth. it was a familiar scene playing out for this protective grandmother. just minutes before, she stepped in and saved two little girls from the same two dogs. >> i'm just, like, lord, what is going on today? >>reporter: tiffany says by the time police arrived the dogs had disappeared. >> maybe the people that own them don't even know they got out and caused all this turmoil in one morning. >>reporter: but she hopes the owners are watching and will start taking better responsibility of their animals. >> i know i did something good and i could have got hurt, but at that point it didn't matter. there was people and a dog that needed help. >>reporter: luckily those two little girls were not hurt, but kioko injured her back in the attack and her dog had to get several staples. >> tiffany says both the dogs have collars and tags, but police have yet to locate them or their owner. before this no one really knew about me, not even my
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closest friends because i always feared that people would feel sorry for me. >> it can be a secret too painful to share. how she overcome adversity by opening up about her past. we'll be right back. for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school.
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i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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7:21 am
of them, a student who rises up 16 years ago. >>reporter: giovani was a tall, langey 18-year-old when we met. >> i'm in high school. i'm going to high school. >>reporter: he had a 3.9gpa at east side college prep. [ cheering ] >>reporter: five years later, we see the payoff as a young man wearing a blue lay crosses the stage to receive his second degree, a master's in mechanical engineering. the home video is fuzzy, but the accomplishment is not. >> i was able to make it -- if i was able to make it, i can make it. a kid myself who went into high school who could barely read and write, going from the worst of districts in the country for elementary school, i was able to turn it around. >>reporter: giovani is now a
7:22 am
design engineer for hewlett packard after getting his masters from santa clara university. teen a's parents came to america to give her a better life but tina's father died when she was 10. there was no money. her mother worked from morning until night as a garment worker. >> it can be so bad because i can't help her no more. she has to work. i wish i could make enough to support the both of us. >>reporter: tina had to be convinced to tell her story on tv. >> before this no one really knew about me, not even my closest friends because i always feared that people would feel sorry for me. but now i'm standing up here, and i am more comfortable with telling my story because it has helped heal some of the pain.
7:23 am
>>reporter: >> i am grateful to the donors in 1998 who thought thought -- who thought we were on the tv screen and just decided to help her go to college. >>reporter: and then there was the graduation from u.c. berkeley in 2002. now tina shares her accomplishment with all of us. i remember something in her speech, she wrote three years ago, i hope i have haven't -- i haven't disappointed you, she says. no, tina, you have not. tina chow was a television news reporter in saipan and later hawaii. but now she's an entrepreneur in tempe, arizona. wendy takuta, kpix5. >> if you've like to help more people like tina and giovanni go to college, visit our
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marin. but it's location could be a good thing. firefighters have a tough time getting up to a hillside fire in marin, but its location could actually be a good thing. turning wasted water into cash, what bay area homeowners can do right now to save water
7:27 am
and money. and a 49ers fan so devout he's already got tickets to the super bowl. welcome back. it is just about 7:27. good morning, i'm mark kelly. dism i'm ann makovick. thanks for joining us this morning. breaking news in san jose where firefighters are battling a four-alarm fire this morning. flames are consuming the flames coffee shop and bakery. we're working to bring you more information later in our newscast. in marin county, firefighters are battling a wildfire in remote hills about three miles southwest of fairfax and it's tough for them to get to that fire. it's burning along a ridgeline above alpine lake in the watershed. so far no homes have been evacuated because the location is so remote. the closest road is about a mile from that fire so crews had to hike in. a battalion chief says he's confident they can get that fire under control soon. we spoke to him last night. >> what we're doing about it is we have some engine crews that are cutting their way into the fire right now with hand tools
7:28 am
and saws. we have hand crews coming in this evening which will assist them and our plan is to put a fire line around the fire tonight, using those resources and eventually put a hose lay around it and extinguish the fire. >> that fire was first reported about 9:20 last night. 75 firefighters are now working on it, coming from ross valley, valinas, nevado and cal fire. we need some rain out there. let's take a look at our weather this morning. here's a live picture of ocean beach. it is clear out there this morning, but definitely a little bit chilly. concord 33, livermore 34, san jose 38. later on today here's our headlines, here's what you need to keep in mind when you're headed out the door, sunshine today, staying warm, definitely a warming trend. spare the air day, it is the 28th in a row -- 28th this season and the pattern is going to remain dry as we go into our work week. the seven-day forecast coming up. well, most of the evacuations are now over, from a wildfire in the foothills
7:29 am
northeast of los angeles. residents are being allowed to return to all but one neighborhood in adispleuz a and glen dop dora. at the height of the fire on thursday, as many as 3,700 people had to get out. the fire has now been reduced to smoke and scattered ashes but it destroyed five homes and damaged 17 other buildings. the man accused of terrorizing a san jose neighborhood with 13 fires in one week could be put away for good under the state's three strikes law. prosecutors say patrick william brennan confessed to setting all of those fires by igniting garbage with a cigarette lighter. it's official. we're in a drought. >> everyone should try to do at least 20% conservation of their water use. >> the governor did not rule out mandatory rationing down the line and some cities around the state are already rationing. in addition, some ranchers are selling cattle and farmers are plowing fields. the governor says california is
7:30 am
possibly in its worst dry spell in a century. and here's the proof. now, these are incredible pictures. this is california from space. you can see how little snow there is in the sierra, even though we're about halfway through what's supposed to be the rainy season. here in the bay area water districts are offering advice and incentives to help people conserve water. consumer watch reporter julie watts shows us what you can do to help. >>reporter: it's hard not to notice we haven't got much rain lately. >> our weather will stay sunny, will stay mild and stay completely dry. >>reporter: and water officials admit they're worried. >> it's becoming problematic. 1977 was a big drought year and so far this year to date this is dryer than that year. >>reporter: and if this keeps up, we may soon be forced to ration water, but andrea pope of east bay mud says there's a lot homeowners can do right now. >> so we have aerators right here. >>reporter: she says this is the time to start conserving
7:31 am
water, to reduce devices that reduce water from your tap. >> this is a two gallon per minute shower flow. some have 3 1/2 or even higher. >>reporter: you should look into low-flow shower heads and special nozzles that fit over a garden hose. >> it has a shutoff so you're not wasting water when you're going in between. >>reporter: she says better yet, catch or save water when you cook or wash and use that for outdoor plants. >> the plants don't need that much water in the winter. >>reporter: then there are more ambitious options like installing a gray water system where used water from your washing machine is piped out of the house and into your yard. installation generally costs between $200 and $750, but right now some south bay homeowners are getting a break. the santa clara water landscape program is offering a dhrs 100 rebate, hoping to motivate homeowners to conserve now. >> this is our one and only water supply and this is a critical year. >>reporter: because we could soon be forced to ration. >> no rain in sight.
7:32 am
>>reporter: julie watts, kpix5. >> some local water districts are also offering rebates to homeowners who buy high- efficiency toilets or washing machines or install outdoor drip irrigation systems. the santa clara water district is offering rebates to homeowners who convert their lawns to other type of landscaping that require less water. in your bay area watch, a small plane wound up on its belly and another lost a tail wing yesterday at san jose's reid hillview airport. the planes t-boned while both were still on the ground. three people suffered minor injuries. a woman was hit by a lift car in san francisco. lift is the ride share company that decorates cars with pink mustaches like you can see there. this prius was making a right hand turn on larkin street when it hit a woman who was in the crosswalk. her leg was hurt. the driver has been suspended. on thursday the mayor says he wants to eliminate all pedestrian accidents within the next 10 years. a 14-year-old girl on a bicycle died after being hit by
7:33 am
a v.t.a. light rail train in san jose. the accident happened yesterday morning about 7:30 in the morning. danica garcia was riding on the stokes expressway when she struck. she later died at a hospital. the slark sheriff is now investigating the incident. the martin luther king, jr. holiday is on monday, but a big holiday tradition commemorating the civil rights leader could come to a screeching halt. here's kristin ayers to explain why. for three decades a train has chugged from san jose to of is on martin luther king, jr. day. a 54-mile trip, the same distance dr. king marched from selma to montgomery, alabama. >> this is history. this is about an icon who died fighting for our rights. >>reporter: but on the cusp of the freedom train's 30th ride, a lack of interest could stop the tradition in its tracks. >> a lot of people don't even know the freedom train exists. >> just another day off school. people don't really pay attention to the day, the importance of it. >>reporter: the president of
7:34 am
santa clara's valley dr. king association says it's that attitude that has brought ridership down. last year 1200 people boarded the train. so far this year the freedom train has sold only 500 tickets and with three days left, that could mean some of the cars will be empty. anything fewer than 1,000 riders would mean an end to this storied tradition. >> next year would be a farewell to the freedom train. if we can't reach it and it'll be devastating and it'll be hard. >>reporter: a symbol of dr. king's dream nearing the end of the line. in san jose, kristin ayers, kpix5. >> tickets for the freedom train are $15. for more info, go to our website, computer chip maker intel says it's slashing 5,000 jobs. profits for the santa clara- based company have fallen for the second straight year. the company says it's because of falling demand for personal computer chips as mobile devices get more popular.
7:35 am
the job cuts about 5% of intel's work force. some 49ers fans are so confident their favorite team will win the nfc championship game over the seahawks, they've already made their plans for super bowl sunday. >> ryan found a lifelong niners fan who's making the trip across the country to new jersey's meadowlands for the ultimate game. >> jim harbaugh, autographed football. >>reporter: calling arlan doesn't begin to cry it. >> in '51 i really started being a fan and went to every game since 1951, every home game. >>reporter: every home game for 62 years. that's 631 straight games. he started his six-decade streak, a gallon of gas cost 19 cents, a loaf of bread 16 and his 49ers ticket costs $2.75. and the cost of going to the super bowl today? >> it was $4,000 for the package. >>reporter: that's without airfare. the per-person package includes a game ticket, a hotel for three nights and a ride to the game. tickets alone start at $2,500,
7:36 am
no-frills hotels that normally cost $100 a night are going for 10 times that during super bowl week. >> so we found out the hard way that's not the way to go. >>reporter: last year he waited until after the niners won the nfc championship. bad idea. >> every package that was out there was either filled or the price had gone up sky high. >>reporter: this year he started planning early and went through a website that guarantees a refund if your team doesn't make it. >> so this year we're confident we're going to make it, so we've already made arrangements. >>reporter: and he will be in the stands, that's no surprise considering his track record. in nevada, ryan takao, kpix5. >> he says he's superstition, but doesn't worry about being a jinx. he feels very good about the 49ers chances. back to the breaking news where firefighters are battling a fire. it broke out 6:20 this morning at the flames coffee shop and
7:37 am
bakery at 1812 hillsdale avenue. it's quickly escalated to a four-alarm fire this morning. no injuries have been reported. coming up contact lenses that do more than correct your vision. how these can help people with diabetes. and helping students in other countries from right here in the bay area. how an east bay teenager it connecting with high schoolers worldwide. we'll be right back. ,,,, ó÷?ké
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7:39 am
7:40 am
welcome back. it's 7:40 this morning. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. clear out there, but definitely chilly. we're in the 30s and 40s in most of the bay area this morning. monday is martin luther king, jr. day. it's going to be unseasonably mild, 65 to 71 degrees. we're going to have a look at the full seven-day forecast coming up. first google glass and now google has come up with something else. smart contact lenses. this video from google shows us what they look like. there it is. the lenses include glucose level monitors for diabetics by analyzing people's tears. the contacts contain an antenna, believe it or not, and then translate information to a
7:41 am
device where you can read it. it's not clear when these contacts will hit the market. flu cases are on the rise across the united states. statewide 45 people have died from the flu. allison harmerlin has that story and more in this week's "medical wrap." >>reporter: new numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention say at least 40 states are reporting widespread cases of the flu. the cdc says at least 10 children died because of the flu this past week, making a total of 20 pediatric deaths so far this season. british researchers are testing a new gene therapy that has helped some blind people see. an oxford university study injected a harmless virus into the eyes of six blind men. the virus carried a missing protein that helps eye cells detect light. the patients all reported improved vision. and the fda is urging doctors to stop prescribing combination medications that contain high levels of acetaminophen. elevated amounts of the popular painkiller are linked to liver damage, liver failure and even death. the new guideline asks doctors
7:42 am
to limit the amount of acetaminophen to 325miligrams per medication. acetaminophen is the most common drug ingredient used in the united states. those are some of the week's top medical stories. allison harmerlin for cbs news, new york. let's take a complete look at our weather on this saturday morning. the current temperatures out there right now 44 in oakland, 49 pacifica, 33 in fairfield. it is clear but definitely chilly. 30s and 40s out there this morning. later on today, though, we can hope for a 70 in redwood city, 70 in livermore, and santa rosa is going to get up to 69. and over the next seven days, definitely a warming trend. reminder, it's a spare the air day. it's illegal to burn, the 28th day this season and a little bit more clouds later this week. high school students around the world are getting homework help from honor students right here in the bay area. as sharon chen reports, it's a program created by an east bay
7:43 am
teenager, this week's jefferson award winner. >>reporter: every evening after his own studies, 16-year- old neil gupta makes a difference across the globe without leaving his danville home. >> i learned that i could help a lot of people. >>reporter: the monte vista invented this website. neil came up with the idea for this website in 2012. he and his family had just returned home to danville. they had spent the last two years living in india where his father had business. while in india, neil tutored children in the slums. >> students from the international school would teach the kids from the slums english and math in a peer-to- peer way. >>reporter: he wanted to continue the good work he started in india. so at age 13, the son of this computer scientist spent two months programming teen mesh mostly by himself. his mission? break down geographical and economic boundaries to help kids in need.
7:44 am
>> let's say they don't have the money for tutoring or their parents can't help them. they can go on teen mesh and get help from other students. >>reporter: today with very little marketing, more than 1,600 students log onto teen mesh for homework help. their questions come from the u.s. and canada, australia, great britain, hong kong, india, singapore and slovakia. >> i'm just happy i created teen mesh and did this for other people. >>reporter: several honor students like 15-year-old arman gupta of dub lin volunteer along with neil. >> he's a genius. yang of any idea better than helping others that you don't know. >>reporter: volunteers must be ready for anything. >> do you know who won the war of 1812? >> oh, yeah, i remember that. we learned about that in history the other day. >>reporter: what are you learning about yourself and your potential for impact through this whole experience? >> i'm learning that anyone like me can make a difference throughout the world. that's a good answer there. >>reporter: so for creating and running a peer-to-peer homework network for teenagers across the globe, this week's
7:45 am
jefferson award in the bay area goes to neil gupta. sharon chen, kpix5. >> neil says he's always looking for more teenaged volunteers to answer homework questions. if you know a good student who would like to help, connect with teen mesh using the link online at here's a question for you, would your wife let you wear these pants? >> yeah, why not? >> see how a major retailer is cashing in on jim harbaugh's trademark look coming up next. morning, everybody. the game is almost here and jim harbaugh is excited and not just about the game, and the doves last night, boy, they picked a bad night to run into one of the league's best on the road. ,,,,,,,,
7:46 am
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good morning, everybody. we'll start you off with this, you know those beets by drai,
7:48 am
headphones that colin kaep dhpernick wears that's not really popular among seattle seahawks fans, but it has one customer ready to buy a pair. >>reporter: you guys love that commercial with colin, the headphones? i love it. the song is such a toe tapper. >> for the seahawks no percy harvin tomorrow at wideout. he did not get the green light to play because of this concussion he suffered against the saints. here's some foreshadowing, head coach pete carroll says he'll be back next week. new warrior georgia crawford on the left and marshan brooks at the thunder last night and crawford making himself at home right here on this jumper. he had eight points. steph curry and the warriors stay close, a three ball here to keep the warriors within five, curry with 37.
7:49 am
too much kevin durant. ohs the reaction. 54 points last night and the thunder win at home 127-121. we will be back later on today and dennis will join us from seattle, the site, emerald city, the site of that nfc championship game tomorrow. there is literally a battle brewing between the 49ers and seahawks. >> ken shows us how seattle is just catching up to san francisco when it comes to making beer. >> so this is the boil kettle. >>reporter: in san francisco's petraro hill, a little bit of the city is brewed every single day. >> this beer is really part of san francisco's history. >>reporter: keith gregor is the coowner and ceo of anchor brewing. this beer right here is the authentic steam beer of san francisco and date the back to when? >> dates back to the goad rush. >>reporter: i've had beer from around the world. i think this is the best. >> thank you.
7:50 am
we're very, very proud of it. >>reporter: so there you go. san francisco's brew -- san francisco is brewing its flagship beer since 1896. beer? yeah, it's something that might catch on up here. >> it's been really awesome. >>reporter: ryan hilliard wears the name behind hilliard's beer, one name among an explosion of small breweries in the pacific northwest. he has plenty of respect for anchor. >> we're a little tiny brewery that's 2 years old. they're a pretty darned big brewery that's been around for a very long time. >>reporter: so much respect that he even launched an anchor- esque beer. >> of course we can't use the term steam beer because that's anchor brewing's beer, so we found an anogram we we thought sounded pretty good, at least better than nacho master. >>reporter: he's also crafted a beer specifically for seahawks fans. >> we can all of our beer, so it's the 12th can.
7:51 am
>>reporter: your beer is called the 12th can. >> our beer is the 12th can. >>reporter: it's a family storyline, a legacy franchise steeped in success, more than familiar with the sweet taste of victory, challenged by brash young upstars, eager, perhaps even just a little bit desperate to claim a title of their own. >> that doesn't surprise me at all that they'd be creating a lot of noise up there about their beers, but just since their stadium is very noisy, maybe their breweries are very noisy and at the end of the day the proof is in the glass. >>reporter: the folks back in the bay area, what's going to happen on sunday? >> sunday evening you guys are going to be very disappointed. go and drink a lot of anchor beer and drown your sorrows. >> the folks in seattle, you should post us when we win and it may go for helping the loss of the weekend. cheers. >>reporter: ken bastida, kpix5. >> bold predictions there. jim harbaugh is a changed man, at least his wardrobe is
7:52 am
after getting some criticism from his wife. he's sporting some new khakis and wore them to the news conference yesterday in santa clara. >> you probably heard this story where he's buying the $8 wal-mart khakis. apparently he's been wearing them for years. wal-mart now taking advantage of the free publicity. this ad popped up on its website reading coach-worthy khakis. >> love it. >> levi's dockers weren't to be outdone. docker's twitter account sent out this picture of a care package for the coach urging him to "win in style." well, of course stay with kpix5 for coverage of the 49er's playoff run. we'll have live reports all throughout the weekend. we also have an eye on breaking news this morning down in san jose. a fire at the flames coffee shop and bakery. that is on hillsdale avenue. we'll have an update coming up next.
7:53 am
7:54 am
it broke out at 6-20 this op at 1812 hillsda breaking news in san jose where crews are battling a massive fire this morning. it broke out at 6:20 this morning at the flames coffee shop at 1812 hillsdale avenue. now, this is a picture sent in from our reporter kit do in the south bay. the flames quickly spread to a four-alarm fire. so far no injuries have been reported and no other details are being released, but we'll keep on that all day, check out for the latest. a final look at our weather forecast this morning. it is going to shape up to be another sunny day around the bay area. you can see our highs today 67 in san francisco, 69 in fairfield, 71 down in san jose. and our weather pattern looks a little monotonous. it's going to be nice throughout the three-day weekend. a lot of people have monday off and then we're going to see some clouds building toward the end of next week, but not the kind of clouds that are going to bring us any rainfall.
7:55 am
tomorrow on kpix5 this morning, the politics behind the drought. >> keep in mind the last time we really had a serious drought jerry was the governor, and he managed it. and he managed it extremely well. >> so is the governor prepared for what's ahead this time and will his plan affect his political aspirations? our political insiders weigh in. join us tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. a 14-year-old rossville boy is being sued by a little league coach for what the boy did during the game. >> the boy threw his helmet into the air to celebrate the team's win. the lawsuit claims when the helmet came down, it landed on the coach's ankle, severing his achilles tendon. the boy's father is dumbfounded. >> i actually thought it was a joke at first. >>reporter: you didn't think he was serious? >> no. >>reporter: and now? >> and now i think it's absurd.
7:56 am
>> the coach is asking for $firchedz from the family for -- $500,000 from the family, pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills. legal experts say it will be a tough case to win. an english company has come up with a way to keep chicken safe when they cross the road. there's a joke in there somewhere, by designing reflective jackets. now, the company hopes the brightly-colored chicken clothing will make it easier for drivers to spot a chicken that might be wandering around on roads. the company claims the jackets offer great comfort and protection as well as providing security. >> i gotta good idea, how about you just keep your chickens in a fenced-in area? >> that's a good commercial too. >> that sounds like a plan. forget about listening to pearl jam, nirvana or anything to do with seattle. a san francisco radio station, live 105 has banned all music for the -- from the seahawk's
7:57 am
home city for a weekend. >> we just want to represent the bay area and support the 49ers and make sure we give them all the love, anything that they need to make this win happen. >> it's amazing how his face has gotten. it is bitter. for all the 49er updates check out people are so jacked about this game tomorrow. >> very excited. we'll check it out. let's take one more look to our weather before we put an end to this newscast. let's take a look at our current conditions out there right now, or the game for tomorrow, 49ers versus seahawks, sunday 3:30, kickoff, partly cloudy, 46 degrees up there in seattle, so stay tuned for that. time for us to call it a morning. thanks for joining us this morning. again, we are going to be back tomorrow morning at 7:30 with phil mateire. join us then. our next newscast on kpix5 is coming up at 5:30. in the meantime enjoy your saturday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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